Diploma in Strategy and Strategic Management


Course: Diploma in Strategy and Strategic Management

Start date:  January 2015

Duration: 10 weeks, 1 evening per week from 6.30 to 9.30pm

Course fee: €1,195 (or €1,250 if paying the course fee in instalments)

A fee of £76 will be payable to The Institute of Commercial Management on successful completion of this course.

Multi-Course Discount: Students who register for two or more courses can do so at a fee of €795 per course.

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Course Introduction

The course will introduce students to the tools of strategic management and the use of these tools in the analysis and solution of specific business problems. The use of case analysis will encourage and improve the leadership abilities of the student as well as synthesise his or her acquired knowledge in different disciplines of business. Students will be able to identify how organisations plan, program, and manage their diverse and multidimensional activities.

This course introduces the key concepts, tools, and principles of strategy formulation and competitive analysis. It is concerned with managerial decisions and actions that affect the performance and survival of business enterprises. The course is focused on the information, analyses, organizational processes, skills and business judgments managers must use to devise strategies, position their businesses, define firm boundaries and maximise long-term profits in the face of uncertainty and competition.

The Diploma in Strategic Management is an integrative and interdisciplinary course. It takes a broad view of the environment that includes procurement, suppliers, competitors, technology, the economy, capital markets, government, and global forces and views the external environment as dynamic and characterised by uncertainty.

In studying strategy, the course draws together and builds on all the ideas, concepts, and theories from functional disciplines such as Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Organisational Behavior, and Statistics. The course takes a general management perspective, viewing the firm as a whole, and examining how policies in each functional area are integrated into an overall competitive strategy.

The key strategic business decisions of concern in this course involve choosing competitive strategies, creating competitive advantages, taking advantage of external opportunities, securing and defending sustainable market positions, and allocating critical resources over long periods. Decisions such as these can only be made effectively by viewing a firm holistically, and over the long term.

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The Learning Objectives:

To develop the capacity to think strategically about an organisation, its position in its industry and among competitors, and how it can gain a sustainable competitive advantage. To provide hands-on experience using case analyses in crafting organisational strategy, reasoning carefully about strategic options, using what-if analysis to evaluate action alternatives, and making strategic decisions.

  • Attain full professional executive level knowledge of strategic planning.
  • Extensive knowledge of the main benefits of strategic planning.
  • Identify strategic choices open to their organisations.
  • Develop the key components of a sustainable strategic plan for their organisation.
  • Discuss methods of effectively implementing a strategic plan and execution.
  • Describe the roles and functions of the key players in strategy implementation
  • Write an action plan for implementing and/or reviewing strategic management in their organisation
  • Understand the factors that impact on strategic decision-making, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Conduct an organisational resource-based situational analysis.
  • Conduct comprehensive environmental scanning and assess the volatility of industry position.
  • Develop comprehensive business strategies by identifying strategic options, policies, procedures, budgets, and timelines.
  • Use “what-if” scenario analysis to evaluate action alternatives, make strategic decisions, and choose strategic options.
  • Evaluate competitive position and an understanding of the marketplace and its impact on strategic analysis and planning.
  • Critically evaluate strategic decisions, findings, outcomes, conclusions, and recommendations.

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Course Information

The course is taught by a highly experienced faculty, representing a wide range of theoretical approaches and disciplines.  All have been selected for their ability to work interpersonally


Lead Lecturer – Paul J. Walsh



Paul has a broad career base in leading edge operations management positions within the Irish multi national sector. He has specialisation in recruitment, continuous process improvement, change management, business process development and organisational development.

Paul also has an extensive portfolio experience in education, career guidance, course development for 3rd level institutions and adult education seminars.

  • BA Degree – University College Cork.
  • Diploma in Business Studies – Waterford Institute of Technology.
  • Diploma in Operations Management – Irish Management Institute.
  • Masters Degree in Law (LLM) – University of Wales.


Rory Connolly

Rory Connolly was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, attended school at CUS Lesson Street, studied at Trinity College and emigrated to San Francisco where he worked for 9 years.  During this time Rory held many positions and co-founded the Irish Pub Holdings Company, San Francisco, USA.  Upon returning to Ireland Rory worked as a management consultant for the City of Dublin Youth Service Broad and Alchymy  Consultancy before founding Kono Consultancy.

Rory is one of Ireland leading Graphic Facilitators, Strategic Planning Experts, Senior Management Consultant, and a Corporate Trainer. Rory is the Managing Director of Kono Consultancy a Dublin & London based boutique consultancy firm where Strategic Graphic Facilitation & Recording Consultancy services are at the heart of one of the most exciting new-strategic media communities in the world.

Rory uses a unique combination of expert facilitation and panoramic visualization cutting edge Graphic Guides templates and other highly customizable tools and processes to generate dialogue, create alignment, articulate a vision, and catalyse action to help his clients see the bigger strategic picture and move toward their desired organizational future.


Rory Connolly’s education studies have included

  • Master of Science (Msc), Organizational Behaviour:  Irish Management Institute,
  • Advanced Psychoanalytic Certification in Facilitation: Ins. of Group Analysis Ireland
  • Post-Grad Diploma, Psychoanalytic Studies: Dublin Business School
  • Certification of Group Analysis and Facilitation: Ins. of Group Analysis ,London, England
  • Advanced Cert., Construction Technology: DIT , Bolton Street
  • Post-Grad Diploma, Project Management: Trinity College Dublin
  • Bachelor’s Degree B.A., Economics & Geography: Trinity College Dublin
  • Graduateship Marketing Degree : The Marketing Institute of Ireland


Rory Connolly’s Continuous Professional Development Certifications also include

  • Leadership Assessment & Development:  Adair Trainer Accreditation, Surrey, UK.
  • Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording: Bigger Picture , Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Masterful Facilitation™:Interaction Associates, San Francisco, USA.
  • Masterful Trainer™:Interaction Associates, San Francisco, USA.
  • NLP Practitioner Certification Training: NLP & Coaching Institute of California, SF, CA, USA.


Rory Connolly Career Path

  • Senior Business Lecturer at City Colleges Dublin Ireland.
  • Founder & Managing Director of Kono Consultancy
  • Corporate Trainer, Facilitator & Strategic Consultant:  Alchymy Consultancy
  • Management Consultant: The City of Dublin Youth Service Board / C.D.V.E.C.
  • Business Owner & Entrepreneur
  •  San Francisco Restoration Company, San Francisco, USA.
  • Irish Pub Designs Company
  • Irish Bank Pub Chain
  • Marketing Manager at Connolly Construction, Dublin Ireland.



Owen O’Reilly


Head of Professional Accountancy School


Owen is a leading lecturer (formerly BPP) with extensive ACCA and CIMA professional accounting exam experience and over 35 student prize winners.

His focus is about your exam technique and your exam success.  Owen uses his extensive industry and Management Consulting experience to bring his courses to life.  He is well known for his brilliant exam techniques, student centred approach and entertaining classes.

A central part of his teaching is to use real practical examples to help students understand and apply the key concepts leading to very high pass rates and prize winners.

He is the winner of the UCD/NIB Smurfit Business School Masters Scholarship Award and a double CIMA prize winner.



Course Structure

The Nature Of Strategic Management – Terms & Benefits

The Business Vision & Mission And Strategy Formulation

The External Assessment

The Internal Assessment

Strategies In Action

Strategy Analysis And Choice

Strategic Management Communication Over Cultural Domains

Business Ethics, Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability

Strategic Reviews, Evaluation and Control

Strategic Management Case Analysis

A ‘Pass’ grade on the written assignment (Project) will be required for the award. A ‘Fail’ grade will result in a Certificate of Attendance for the course but without the Diploma being awarded. Students must attend at least 8 of the 10 course evenings to graduate with either the Diploma or Certificate of Attendance unless a serious and verifiable reason for further absence is provided. Likewise, the Project must be handed in on the due date unless a sound reason for lateness is provided. In such instances, an extension may be awarded at the discretion of the lecturer

Each course features decision-making simulations, case studies, short lectures, and the sharing of experiences through interactive discussions with faculty and your peers, allowing you to put your new knowledge to the test. After completing each course you will truly understand how your decisions influence critical outcomes for your business and career We believe that adult learning is most effective when presented in a relevant context so that the skills, strategy, and knowledge are meaningful to participants and can be applied directly in the training. Therefore, our design philosophy is to customize our core programs using our effective and efficient proprietary customizing process and tools. We incorporate participants’ real-world challenges, sales tools, and processes into developing cases/exercises. Our training methodology is based on the premise that participants/adults are not blank slates, and we utilize a process of questioning and generating a dialogue before presenting concepts and models. By doing this vs. lecturing, we gain participant involvement and buy-in before we build models and teach learning points. Interactive Dynamic Models used include:










• PEER GROUP BONDING (which can be facilitation beyond the duration of the programme)

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