College of Coding

Welcome to the College of Coding. We focus on creating a holistic educational experience for you to learn how to code.  We have two goals for you. First, we aim to strengthen and deepen your specific knowledge, skills and understanding of creating software. Second, we foster creative thinking and a growth mindset in you by asking you to tackle a range of problems in groups with other students.

For information on our Diploma in Web Development (full stack) click here. This course is available both on a full and part time basis, commencing in 2016.   The aim of this program is to provide students with the fundamental job skills needed to work as a software developer. These skills include technical, project management, intercommunication, collaborative and entrepreneurial.  During the first 280 hours of the course, you will learn the full stack – both the “front-end” and “back-end” –  of programming skills needed to succeed.  During the last 140 hours of the course, you will team up with startup entrepreneurs interested in building technology-based companies to build product prototypes.

We are both teachers and software developers. We are passionate about education and helping you learn programming and collaboration skills by solving problems using the frameworks we introduce rather than lecturing and testing. We are driven by the following principles and values:

Bias towards action
Show don’t tell
Learning through Doing
Co-Learning Partnership
Everyone participates
Better Out than In
High Expectations of Everyone

Trust-based approach
Respect for all

Our courses incorporate important learning themes meant to maximize both your understanding as well as your experience in and out of the classroom. These learning themes are:

Creativity – “Seeing with fresh eyes”, taking risks, overcoming: fears, limiting beliefs and pre-conditioned responses and human-centered design.

Learning – Developing your learning ability “becoming ‘a learner’ vs ‘learned’”, Giving and receiving feedback (Stop. Start. Continue). Understanding your strengths. Developing your EQ.

Teamwork – working in diverse teams to achieve creative outcomes. Understanding, appreciating and working effectively with diversity, principles of teamwork and stages of team development.

Achieving Creative Results – teamwork, creative processes, action planning and project work to achieve creative results on time

Communications Skills – Active Listening, Presenting, Influencing, Healthy Conflict

Developing Networks and a Community of Practice – pro-actively developing and maintaining your network, identifying the talent and resources in the room. Student led mini sessions – sharing ideas from their own practice.


School Principal – Troy McConnell

Troy McConnellTroy co-founded his first company, Image Technology, in 1988 and sold it in 1995 to MCI for $26 million. He co-founded Batanga, a media business focused on the US Hispanic and Latin American market, in late 1999.  Batanga raised $8M in equity funding between 2000 and 2005. McConnell sold his interest in Batanga to Tudor Ventures in a $30M funding round in 2007.  In 2009, Troy founded Clever on Demand, an Internet advertising technology company that purchased AudienceFUEL.

Troy earned his University degree in mathematics. He taught himself programming to start his first company. He has two patents, teaches Entrepreneurship at UCD’s Smurfit School of Business , UCD’s Innovation Academy and Sweden’s Hyper Island Design School.

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