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“Shaun Browne is BRILLIANT! He made travelling from Galway well worth the trip!”

Deirdre Dooley on Paper F8 Audit & Assurance, with Shaun Browne


“The online lectures are great. If I miss a lecture I can do it online the next day so
when I’m back in class I’m not behind. It’s a great system.“

Claire Liddy on Papers F6 Taxation, P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics and P3 Business



“Owen O’Reilly is a brilliant lecturer.”

Jiao Zhang on Paper P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics, with Owen O’Reilly


“I would definitely recommend Owen O’Reilly. He manages to make the class
enjoyable, and makes every possible effort to ensure you pass his subjects.”

Tim Briden on Paper P3 Business Analysis, with Owen O’Reilly


“My lecturer was excellent. City Colleges clearly is doing everything possible to
be the best.”

Des Slater on Paper P3, with Owen O’Reilly


“Gary O’Mahony is great. I was an online student and found his lectures extremely
effective. He uses real life experiences which helps greatly.”

Julie Grainger on Paper P6 Advanced Taxation, with Gary O’Mahony


Shaun Browne is brilliant!”

Ruping Liu on Paper P7, with Shaun Browne


“Great lecturer, great location.”

Meena McGuiness on Paper P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance, with Shaun Browne


“Shaun Browne is a fantastic lecturer.”

D.H. on Paper P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance, with Shaun Browne

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